A Woman’s Right To Her Own Body

Yesterday I got into an IG post war with a well-known body positive activist who I won’t mention. Not really my usual style, as I tend to watch from the periphery and allow people to just speak their truth. But due to the context of the post, one in which I fully believe in and know can also be quite a controversial topic; felt the urge to engage.

The post went a little something like this: “if you want to be skinny, be skinny. if you want to be fat, be fat. if you want to be toned, be toned, if you want to be curvy, be curvy, if you want to be fit, be fit. You have the right to your body. You also have the right to change if you please without getting shit for it”.

Kim Kardashian West

The thing is, it was only a few weeks back that this same influencer was vlogging about Kim Kardashian’s outfit choice at the Met Gala, saying she was promoting an unrealistic body image. Which inspired me to ask the question; is it ok for one woman to call out another woman for the way she chooses to market or portray herself? Is that considered body positive?

It’s important to highlight that this post wasn’t referring to the promotion of slim shakes to susceptible women, which I agree does need to be called out. This was to do with the very statement that was posted about only yesterday. Allowing a woman her right to choose her own body without the judgement of others.

The ever changing body ideal

There are many ways to look at someone like Kim Kardashian. On one aspect she, along with her sisters have changed what was once the ideal female body type from the popular waifish gaunt look of the 90’s to the voluptuous and curvy ideal that has become so mainstream today. It can also be said that this particular type of beauty has now become a fixation of obsession for so many young girls who are desperately trying to replicate the same look.

One thing that has remained constant though, from one generation to the next is the trap of comparing oneself to the flavour of the decade. The problem with this is, there will always be the majority that don’t fit the mould.

Beauty is an inside job

Which leads to my next point. If beauty is an ever-changing paradigm, should the focus then be within ourselves vs another? Why are we asking other women to change when we should be looking at changing the way we view ourselves?

Easier said than done, I know and not simple to separate our guided perception of beauty with our own reflection. But I am optimistic about the possibility of influencing change within this movement that encourages real healing without the need to put someone else down.

The power to curate your own lens

In this fast-paced digital world, there has been more emphasis on what other people are doing, causing more anxiety than ever before. With so much content to consume, it is difficult to decipher what is real and what is make believe. The constant need to keep up with the Jones’ aka the Kardashian’s has become an obsession of the 21st century. But on the same token we have never lived in a time where we have the power to change the lens in which we view the world also.

Just by unfollowing, disengaging and muting the people and content that makes you feel bad, will start to change the algorithm Instagram uses to identify your interests.

Your digital platforms use interest based targeting to serve you paid and unpaid media. By engaging and following accounts that are positive to you, will cause a shift in the content you consume across all digital channels. What this means is that you have the power to curate your perception of the world in which you see it and how you yourself fit into that picture. This is a powerful shift into the future.

The future is inclusive

When we first started Shape of Eve, the motivation behind it was to be inclusive. We wanted to empower people to have choices, not only with our swimwear range, but also in your daily life. At the core we are a self-love club, that are here to remind you to practice loving yourself and others often. There is no competition when each and every one of us is different and unique and that is what makes us perfect.

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