The bikini was introduced to the world almost 75 years ago. Since then the classic two-piece suit has undergone some radical evolutions. We thought it was time for another.

Welcome to a world with a bikini for every woman. Whether you're getting active, building a look, or getting a tan, we've made a bikini that can keep up.

The purpose of our brand is to encourage women to wear what makes them feel good. For that reason, our style guide is just that, a guide.

Your personal style and preference is unique to you. Think of this page as your own personal stylist... only if you need the extra assistance.

*Scroll down to view our recommendations based on your body type.




Your bust and hips measure relatively similar, you have a well-defined waist and appear broader in the shoulders. Highlight your 'hourglass’ shape by opting for a bikini that can provide support and coverage, but still accentuates your curves.

Our go to styles for 'Hourglass' are...



Also known as the 'athletic shape' because of your lean build. You have little to no waist, with a flat stomach and your bust and bum are on the smaller side. Embrace your frame by highlighting your strongest features.

Our go to styles for 'Rectangle' are...



Your hips and thighs are curvy, while your shoulders are visually smaller. The key to balancing your proportions is getting the coverage you need on your bottom half, whilst enhancing your chest and bust.

Our go to styles for 'Triangle' are...


Inverted Triangle

Your shoulders and bust are wider than your waist and hips. With a smaller bum, the key to balancing your proportions is to amplify what you have by creating the illusion of curves. A large bust requires additional support.

Our go to styles for 'Inverted Triangle' are...



You have a full bust and a wider torso with slim legs and sometimes narrow shoulders, relative to your lower body. Because you may carry weight around your waistline, you can trick the eye and distort your silhouette to bring attention to your beautiful bust and legs.

Our go to styles for 'Oval' are...